I’m going to teach you how to get higher click-through rates in your emails. Hey, my name is Suresh, here to help you make more money, save more time, and help more people. And we’re talking about email marketing. Now, if you haven’t yet read my article about how to increase your email open rates, I recommend you check that out. But obviously, it’s essential to get people to open those emails. But in addition to that, it’s necessary to get people to take action on what you want them to do in those emails. 

3 Secrets to Get More Clicks in Your Emails


So I’m going to give you three tips to help you increase the click-through rates, meaning okay, several people open that email, great. How many of them are going to click in the links that you include in there? Well, let’s get started. 

1. Have A single CTA

Alright number one, have a single call to action in your email. This may be hard for you because perhaps you were like me, and you like to link stuff to your emails, meaning you want to link to everything there. Now some cases where that’s okay such as a digest where you’re sharing a bunch of different things that you’re linking out to.

Especially promotional emails and ones where you want people to do something, particularly, have a specific call to action. This reduces the number of steps a person can take, therefore, when you create an email, you should always consider, 

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Quick Tip: what’s the one thing I want a person to do when they open this email?

And it may be a link to a blog post or a podcast episode. It may be a link to a promotional page or a link to a one-click register for a webinar. Whatever it may be, it’s going to be more comfortable for a person to do if there’s just one thing, because that’s the only action they can take other than leaving, which hopefully they won’t do.

I like to call this a squeeze email, which you may have heard of something called a squeeze page before, which is a single webpage with one thing to do. Well, it should be treated the same way on these, particularly essential emails too.

2. Have Multiple Links

Number two, have multiple instances of that one call to action or that one link. So even though you’re only linking to one thing, I would highly recommend throughout that email, especially if it’s quite long, to have multiple instances where a person can click through. Perhaps you have a little bit of an introductory paragraph to kind of hook people in, and then you have the call to action. But then you explain a little bit more about why they should that, maybe some social proof behind it or testimony or a case study and then you link to it again in perhaps a different way.

Multiple instances, especially if it’s longer because if people scroll down, they’re going to lose that link from above. So it’s okay to do that. I often will sometimes put three to four links to the same thing in one email, and that’s okay to do and highly recommended. 

3. Link in Different Kinds of Ways

Third and finally, and these are quick because I want you to take action on this. On the next email that you send out when you have multiple instances, link it in different ways. So what I would recommend is perhaps you have an in-line or in-paragraph relationship that’s just naturally and organically mentioned as you kind of hyperlink to that thing that you want a person to do. 

Next, I would also include a link that is on its line. So if you are on my email list, you often see these because they’re obvious. And because they’re visible, it’s pronounced what I want a person to do. I’ll even lead into it by going, click on the link below to do whatever it is that I want them to do, then I have space, then I have the actual relationship, and I usually bold it so it’s on its line.

That way, you can avoid like fat thumb syndrome or whatever like I have and click on it, you can have the people click on what you want them to click on in that case. And then other times, you may also want to include an image that is a button, for example, that people can click on too. You might even end it, you know, by saying click on the button below, and that way a person is, no matter in which direction they respond, they have a way to get through to whatever action that you want them to take. 

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Quick Tip: Include A Link in the P.S. of your Email

You can also include, and this is very common, especially in the internet marketing industry, but it’s common because it works. And that’s having a link also after your signature in the PS. So just one final note, perhaps it’s the one where you go, by the way, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, so I removed all the risk for you. Click here to join my program now. Something like that can work in a PS as sort of just a final cherry on top before a person takes action with you. 

There you go, that was our three tips to help you increase the click-through rates, or the CTR in the emails you send out. Best of luck to you and let me know, are you doing these already? Perhaps you have some other tips and things that you could suggest to the other community members here in Team Flynn. If so, use the comment section below to let us know and make sure you catch that article, Thanks again and best of luck. 


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