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Hey everyone, I’m Suresh from Sarkari Bank jobs. Today I’m going to share a few seven ways to make money while working from home during the quarantine. Listen, I know right now a lot of people have lost their jobs, a lot of people are hurting financially. 

I want to share with you 7 different ways that you can make money either as a side hustle or 7 a full-time income. If you choose to pursue it over the long run, I think we’ve learned that also having a job at a time like this doesn’t necessarily equal security. If you’re struggling right now financially, I want to share with you some options that you might want to explore different ways to make money from the comfort of your home.

7 Different Ways that you can Make Money form Home

make Money

Even various industries that are opportunities right now that are surging that are looking for people like you that can add value and contribute, which can allow you to make some extra money.

1. Become A Tutor online

So let’s dive in the first opportunity is doing online tutoring or teaching English online. During a time where a lot of people have lost their jobs or are forced to work from home. A lot of schools are now closing, down, and offering virtual classes. It’s created a big problem for parents. Now parents either have to home school their kids, utilize the virtual courses spend more time with their kids. Which can take away from working from home and making money to pay the bills or looking for an online tutor? Someone like yourself that can tutor their kids and teach them.

How to read how to write English Spanish specific language math whatever might be to help support the family, and that provides an opportunity for someone like you. You can earn up to $30 an hour doing online tutoring, and there are many different websites that you can go to and find tutoring jobs right now. One being,,,, and many others, and I’ll link to some of those below for you.

So that could be a great way right now if you’re an adult, if you know how to read, how to write English, math, some necessary skills, that is something that you can add value contribute to another family, and help out a kid or someone that’s just trying to learn a language right now or develop a specific skill set you have a value that you can support someone else with they can pay you for it in exchange providing some income for you from home,

2. Become A Freelancer

The second opportunity is being an online freelancer, so if you have a particular skill that you can offer to a company or an individual. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to work from home and make some money.

 Example: I would be a virtual assistant (VA). I have two virtual assistants in my life, “one in Vancouver Canada” “one in Panama,” one that earns about $30 an hour. She handles everything for me from my emails, messages, social media organizing, life, booking, planning, and things researching. Just making my life a lot easier, and there are websites like,

where you could apply to find other jobs or people looking to hire a virtual assistant, gives you the comfort of working from home. Or maybe it’s doing customer support. Many companies are looking to hire people to help them with their customer support online. Companies like Amazon right now are hiring a lot, or maybe you have a specific skill set. Perhaps it’s writing, and you could work for someone else’s blog, and you could write content and articles on topics that you love and that you’re passionate about. 

Maybe it’s doing proofreading or doing editing. Perhaps it’s a particular skill that you have a social media marketing or graphic design or video editing or transcribing a lot of companies. They’re looking to hire someone to take their audio and their video content to copy that and turn that into a written post, or maybe it’s translating from one language to the other nonetheless. there are many different areas of freelance that you can find jobs for you can go to websites like 

3. Amazon Book Publishing

The third opportunity is Amazon book publishing. So if you want to write and create your book or want to hire a ghostwriter, write a paper for you when you can publish that on Amazon’s platform. That’s a great opportunity right now to start making money from home. Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, they are a bookstore they’ve got the Kindle e-reader, or people buy and download ebooks to their device. They buy paperback books as well as audiobooks, and that provides an opportunity for you.

Because right now at a time like this where a lot of people don’t have much to do. They’re quarantined at home, and They’re consuming more content people that love to buy and read books are buying more of them are now. Book sales are surging right now online, and that provides an opportunity for you, and for the most part, publishing books is a recession-proof business. There are low ticket products that are always going to do well, and they’re not books and products that break the bank. So people are going to going to buy books, and that provides an opportunity for you.

If you write your book yourself, it doesn’t have to be along. The long book could be a niche book on a specific topic that’s 40 or 50 pages, that doesn’t take that long for you to create and write. You can get a book cover designed on for 5 or 10 bucks to put that together publish it on Amazon market; it promotes it and makes some extra money even passive income just doing that.

4. Fulfillment By Amazon

The fourth way to make money from home is through Amazon FBA FBA stands for fulfillment by Amazon and is the process of private labeling someone else’s product putting your packaging and brand on it and selling it on Amazon. So as I mentioned, Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, and they provide a massive opportunity for anybody to sell on their platform.

So if you wanted to find a supplier that’s making a product by going to websites like, you could find suppliers in China, the United States, India anywhere in the world. That is making any product you can order a certain number of inventory units from them put on your packaging and branding ship that to Amazon’s fulfillment centers and warehouses and leverage their platform of hundreds of millions of customers.

They have a search engine where people search on Amazon to find products if they find yours you can sell that to them and make money doing that. You can even run Amazon ads on their platform, and they’ll help you advertise your product for you. Amazon right now is one of the best opportunities because Amazon’s online sales are surging right now. More and more people are going to Amazon to buy products, which provides a massive chance of anybody’s selling online to make more money during these times. 

5. Affiliate Marketing

The fifth method is doing what is called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting product through what is called an affiliate link, and when someone clicks. On that link and they go and buy that product, you earn an affiliate commission from that. My favorite ways of making money online is a great model because you don’t have to create the product all you have to do is get good at attracting people to you and getting traffic online.

Then you funnel people through an affiliate link. Now many companies out there have what is called an affiliate program this is a program that’s free to join that they will allow you to sign up you put in your payment information of how you get paid that product when you earn a commission. They give you that affiliate link, and everything gets tracked through that system. Amazon has its affiliate program called Amazon Associates, which is also for you to sign up for now.

Some of the ways you can do affiliate marketing would be building a blog or maybe even a YouTube channel to create content online. You could also review products, share the pros and cons, compare one product versus another product on your blog or youtube channel review courses, and search for those products online. If they find your content and provide an affiliate link, if they click through that and buy the product, you earn an commission.

So this way, along with the other ways, they’re not a get-rich-quick. I don’t want to make it seem like it. All these methods do take more time, some more than others. I mean, do online tutoring or freelance work.

 You’re trading your time for money. You can make more money upfront with that versus some of these other ways of actually building a business on Amazon FBA creating and publishing a book, or even affiliate marketing is going to require more time to get it set up and running. But once you do now, you’ve got a new stream of income that’s more sustainable and lasting and can even provide passive income for you. 

6. Building a YouTube channel

Opportunity number six is building your own YouTube channel. If you have a passion for a subject or have some knowledge of a topic, and you’ve got a camera or a phone, you can record yourself and talk. Then other people find that valuable, then you can build a great channel, and YouTube will pay you money from the advertisements that are placed on those videos.

I’ve been a YouTuber now for over eight years I had a passion for self-development. Growing, business marketing a variety of topics, and I just started putting myself out there. And I wasn’t perfect at the beginning. I struggled with it it was scary, I was nervous, I went through all those things, that most people do I didn’t have any subscribers and followers nobody cared.

If you stick with it, you can build some subscribers, grow your channel, and build your audience. I’m grateful to say that in the last 28 days, my YouTube channels earn me over $25,000. Pretty insane, but it takes a while to build yourself up to that, but who is to say that you can’t maybe start you know earning it extra a couple of hundred bucks, building your channel in a matter of months or within a year.

The more that you’re consistent with something and stick to it, the better that you get, and also, the great thing about YouTube is becoming a platform where you can market other products or services that you might have on the back end. A lot of people use a YouTube channel to build their business. If you’re doing some of the other things that I recommended, maybe affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, or publishing a book, you can use your YouTube channel and make money from the ads.

You also promote your book to help your Amazon product, do affiliate marketing, and earn more cash and combine some of these. So YouTube is great, I love it, and right now, the reason my channel has been growing is that more people are watching YouTube videos.

So because more people during a time like this they’re Quarantined, they’re bored they’re watching Netflix, but they’re also spending more time watching YouTube videos. So that becomes a new opportunity that if you have that desire in that commitment. I think it could be a lot easier at a time like this to build your channel because there are more viewers more people that are on YouTube at your disposal.

7. Coaching and Consulting

The seventh opportunity is being a coach doing consulting or even creating your online course. If you have any level of expertise or knowledge that you could add value to someone else with other people will happily pay you for that. I remember, for me, I did life coaching many years ago. There are websites like You could even be an accountability buddy, an accountability coach for someone else, via Skype or zoom, or even by email.

Your job is just to hold that person accountable to help to make sure they do what they said they’re going to do people will pay you for that. Or even creating an online course, there are websites like Skillshare, udemy teachable, kajabi that are making it easier for anybody to take their knowledge put it up online and sell what they know and package it together. So there are many different opportunities right now as well. My point is that during a time like this, it could be a pivot point.

That even though if you’re struggling and you’ve lost your job or a source of income. You might be pivoted right now to a new opportunity that can benefit you more long-term and maybe if it wasn’t for that circumstance. Sometimes that’s not until we hit rock-bottom or we’ve got our back against the wall that we’re forced. Now we’re forced we have no other option, no Plan B, but we got to figure it out we got to be resourceful and committed and find the way or make the way of ways to survive and make money.

So I hope that some of these options that I provided for you or legitimate ones for you. That you consider pursuing and exploring .some of them can be a little bit easier than others; some might even require a level of knowledge, expertise, expertise, or a higher skill set. Nonetheless, right now is the time to explore and take action with it. Get it started somewhere to start making money even if you know you’ve got to be a customer support rep beggars can’t be choosers.

Right now, take whatever you can get and then upgrade and as you develop more skills and knowledge and become better. Then that’s going to provide more opportunities for you, so take action right now. If you enjoyed this article, give a like and leave a comment below. While also making money online, investing, and managing your finances. Thank you so much. I’ll see you again soon


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